Munger Lab - Summer 2019


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Munger Lab - Spring 2019
Current Lab Members

Steven Munger, PhD

Principal Investigator

Selcan Aydin, PhD

Post-doctoral Fellow

Catherine (Katie Brunton)

Research Assistant

Stephanie Hoyt

Summer Research Intern 2019

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Munger Lab - Summer 2018
Ben and Steve at the 2018 Summer Student Program Symposium (Ben needed a haircut, and I needed to learn portion control and work out more...)
Munger Lab - Summer 2016
Abby and Zach at the Student Internship Symposium (with JAX founder CC Little photobombing in back)
Lab Alumni

Alex Stanton, MS

Graduate Student

Ben Allan-Rahill

Summer Intern 2018

Lisa Somes

Biomedical Technologist

Douglas Perkins

Summer Intern 2017 & 2018

Candice Byers

Rotating Graduate Student, Summer 2016

Abby Bridgers

MDI High School, Class of 2017

Zach Galeaz

MDI High School, Class of 2017

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2019 SSP Commencement with Stephanie Hoyt

(L-R: Selcan Aydin, Stephanie, Steve)

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