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Zach Galeaz

I’m 17 years old, and am currently a senior at MDI High School. I’ve been an intern in the Munger Lab for about six months now, and will most likely attend Northeastern University this fall to study Mechanical Engineering.


My work with Steve involves studying networks of proteins and mRNA’s that are affected by sex or diet, and investigating the relationship between sex or diet-induced changes in mRNA expression levels and changes in expression levels of the corresponding proteins, and vice versa. Most of my work is done using R, and Steve and I have used Ingenuity Pathway Analysis to connect networks of mRNAs and proteins affected by diet or sex to biological processes and conditions such as cholesterol biosynthesis and Hepatic Fibrosis.


Outside the lab, I like to ski, lift weights, and pet cute dogs that I see in the street. I’m also a big Star Wars fan, collect Pokémon cards, and still play with LEGO’s in my basement.




If you have any Pokémon cards that you are looking to sell, give away, or trade, please contact me in one of these places. Thank you.

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