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Selcan Aydin

My long-term goal is to obtain the necessary skills to develop an independent research program focused on studying the effects of genetic and environmental variation on cell-fate decisions using a multi-disciplinary approach that combines wet-lab experiments with mathematical modeling. Towards this goal, I have sought interdisciplinary training in molecular biology, computational and systems biology, and quantitative genetics. As a postdoc in the Munger lab, I aim to complement and enhance these skills by training in mouse genetics and developmental biology. As a graduate student working with Drs. Nick Buchler and Paul Magwene, I characterized the effects of natural genetic variation in budding yeast on growth dynamics in response to hyper-osmotic stress. I showed that this phenotype was highly variable in our genetically diverse collection of yeast strains, and then applied bulk segregant analysis to identify genetic variants that mediated this variable response. In my postdoctoral research, I have started exploring GxE interactions in a higher model organism (mouse) within embryonic stem cells. In addition to research, I am actively involved in teaching, mentoring and scientific outreach efforts at JAX. Outside of lab I enjoy the outdoors by hiking, snowshoeing and gardening!

GSA Genes to Genomes Blog: Early Career Leadership Spotlight [Link]

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Aydin S, Pham DT, Zhang T, Keele G, Skelly DA, Paulo JA, Pankratz M, Choi T, Gygi SP, Reinholdt LG§, Baker CL§, Churchill GA§, Munger SC§. Genetic dissection of the pluripotent proteome through multi-omics data integration. Cell Genomics 2023 Mar 23; 3(4):100283. 

§Corresponding authors [Link]

Skelly DA, Czechanski A, Byers C, Aydin S, Spruce C, Olivier C, Choi KB, Gatti DM, Raghupathy N, Stanton A, Vincent M, Dion S, Greenstein I, Pankratz M, Porter DK, Martin W, Qi W, Harrill AH, Choi T, Churchill GA§, Munger SC§, Baker CL§, and Reinholdt LA§. Genetic variation influences pluripotent ground state stability in mouse embryonic stem cells through a hierarchy of molecular phenotypes. Cell Stem Cell 2020 Sep 3;27(3):459-469.e8. §Corresponding authors.


Ortmann D, Brown S, Czechanski A, Aydin S, Tomaz RA, Osnato A, Skelly DA, Choi T, Churchill GA, Baker CL, Munger SC, Reinholdt LG, and Vallier L. Genetic background impacts on variability of ground state pluripotent stem cell lines. Cell Stem Cell 2020 Sep 3;27(3):470-481.e6.

Aydin S. Understanding the effects of genetic variation on osmo-adaptation dynamics across S. cerevisiae using bulk segregant analysis and whole genome sequencing. Dissertation, Duke University 2017.

Rienzo A, Poveda-Huertes D, Aydin S, Buchler NE, Pascual-Ahuir A, Proft M. Different mechanisms confer gradual control and memory at nutrient- and stress-regulated genes in yeast. Mol Cell Biol 2015; 35:3669-3683.

Pinna F, Sahle S, Bueke K, Bissinger M, Tuncay S, D'Alessandro LA, Gaugaes R, Raue A, Timmer J, Klingmuller U, Schirmacher P, Kummer U, Breuhahn K. A systems biology study on NFkB signaling in primary mouse hepatocytes. Frontiers in Physiology 2012; 3:466.

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