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Lab News

October 2023 - Steve gave an invited seminar at Columbia University

September 2023 - Steve gave an invited seminar at Cincinnati Children's Hospital

July 2023 - Selcan was featured on the GSA Genes to Genomes Blog! [Link]

July 2023 - Congratulations to Dr. Selcan Aydin on her promotion to Associate Computational Scientist!

June 2023 - Steve gave an invited lecture at the Mouse Development, Stem Cells, & Cancer Course at CSHL

March 2023 - Congratulations to Selcan on the publication of her mESC proteomics paper in Cell Genomics! [Link]

February 2023 - Congratulations to Katie Brunton on her promotion to Research Lab Associate Manager!

January 2023 -  Steve gave an invited seminar at Michigan Tech University. [Link]

November 2022 - Congratulations to Steve on his promotion to Associate Professor!

October 2022 - Steve participated as a panelist at the virtual symposium "Using New Approach Methodologies to Address Variability and Susceptibility Across Populations" held by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

June 2022 - Steve gave an invited lecture at the Mouse Development, Stem Cells, & Cancer Course at CSHL

June 2022 - We (finally) got a new lab photo taken!










April 2022 - Selcan's mESC proteome manuscript was posted to bioRxiv! [Link]

March 2022 - Selcan, Sam, and Abdulfatai have been awarded poster presentations at the upcoming PEQG conference.

February 2022 - Congratulations to Sam on her grad school offers! Update: She chose UNC - Chapel Hill!

January 2022 - The Munger Lab welcomes new post-doctoral fellow Abdulfatai Tijjani! [Link]

September 2021 - We convinced Sam to join the lab as a post-baccalaureate researcher! 

July 2021 - The lab avenges our previous loss to the Baker Lab in the 3rd Annual Putt Putt Tournament!

May 2021 - The lab welcomes summer intern Samantha (Sam) Ardery! [Link]

April 2021 - Steve looks forward to chairing the GSA Conferences Committee.

March 2021 - Steve, Laura Reinholdt, and Chris Baker received an R24 grant!

January 2021 - Steve was appointed to the Executive Committee of the GSA.

September 2020 - Steve and Juergen Naggart received funding from the BrightFocus Foundation to use the Diversity Outbred mice and eQTL mapping to develop better mouse models of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

August 2020 - Congratulations to Katie for getting accepted into the Professional Master's program in Bioinformatics at the University of Maine! Very exciting! 

August 2020 - Selcan gets to stay in the lab! Thank you for finally coming through, US Visa system.

July 2020 - Our collaborative DO mESC manuscripts were published in Cell Stem Cell! [Link] [Link]

Research Preview in Cell Stem Cell [Link]

JAX Research Highlight [Link]

April 2020 - Selcan Aydin presented her mESC pQTL research at The Allied Genetics Conference!

April 2020 - Steve contributed a guest blog post to GSA's Genes to Genomes blog. [Link]

March 2020 - ???? The lab (and world) was turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic. [Link]

March 2020 - Steve and Dr. Muneer Hasham received an NCI R33 award to fund their xenograft studies!

March 2020 - The Munger Lab looks forward to welcoming Samantha Ardery to the lab this summer as part of the JAX Summer Student Program [Link] Update: 2020 SSP was cancelled due to COVID-19 (insert sad face).

December 2019 - Steve was elected to the GSA Board of Directors! [Link]

October 2019 - Steve was nominated to run for a position on the Board of Directors of the Genetics Society of America. [Link

July 2019 - 2nd Annual Putt Putt Golf Tournament with the Baker Lab. We'll get you back next year!












July 2019 - Steve's NIH R35 MIRA grant was awarded!

February 2019 - The Munger Lab's first ES Cell manuscript is up on bioRxiv! [Link]

February 2019 - Steve met with students and gave a seminar at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

July 2018 - 1st Annual Putt Putt Golf Tournament with the Baker Lab ends in a tie!



July 2018 - Steve was nominated to serve on the Allied Programming Committee for TAGC2020. [Link]

June 2018 - The lab welcomes summer student Benjamin Allan-Rahill!

June 2018 - Steve was honored to give the commencement address at Sumner Memorial High School. [Link]

May 2018 - Doug Perkins returns for another summer in the lab. Welcome back!

April 2018 - The lab welcomes new research assistant Catherine (Katie) Brunton!

March 2018 - We wish Lisa Somes all the best on her next adventure! JAX will miss you!

January 2018 - The lab welcomes new post-doc Selcan Aydin!

News Archive [Link]


Munger Lab 2022. Bottom L-R: Katie Brunton, Abdulfatai Tijjani, Selcan Aydin.

Top L-R: Sam Ardery, Steve Munger, Bryant Luna Ramos

Photo credit: Thomas Fouchereaux


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